Treasure All

An experimental  animated film in a vertical format about growing up with autism, through the eyes and words of Peyton Goddard. Her journey with autism has been heartbreaking and joyous. She now advocates for peace through inclusion for all.

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Peyton Goddard
Dianne & Pat Goddard
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Cast & Crew

Treasure All animated film on autism
Treasure All

Peyton Goddard

Young Peyton | Juniper Davidson
Adult Peyton |  Laurel Davidson

Director |  L. V. O’Connell
Producer | Elaine Dill
Assistant Producer | S. T. Johsnton
Sound | Frank Forth
Editor | Delaney M. Connery
Animator | Lauren V. O’Connell
PA | M. N. Johsnton


“My Country” by Abbas Premjee
“Celebration of Life” by Abbas Premjee

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