Mnionic – The Beginning


Mnionic: The Beginning

Based on the comic by M. N. Johnston, a young boy has to become his own superhero to save his favorite food from extinction when an atomic blob monster attacks the city.  

Mnionic tests his gear.
Mnionic tests his gear.

Cast & Crew


Mnionic | M. N. Johnston

Mom | Delaney M. Connery


Director |  L. V. O’Connell

Writer | M. N. Johnston

Producer | S. T. Johsnton

Director of Photography |  Lucas Goode

AC |  Lester C. Kamera

Gaffer | E. Veredi Killowat

Grips |  John O. Spot, Greg Smith

Production Designer |  Sheila Locsnise

Art Director |  Holly Unlicly

Sound |  Hart O. Herring

Reluctant Editor |  Francis F. Cupholda

Animator | Lauren V. O’Connell

Title/Credits | O’Connell Design


“Skate” by Komiku
“Here” by Hyson
“I’m Not Nervous” by Square People
“Level 4” by Monplaisir

Super VegB juice in Mnionic
Super VegB juice, made with real beans… the more you drink the more you toot.

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