A creature that mimics another. Anamimic is thriller film about a woman struggling to care for a child with a mental illness. 

This “woman in the hole” story focuses on the psychology and isolation mothers experience.

Director: L. V. O’Connell
Producer: Delaney M. Connery

Anamimic Scene Cast/Crew

Beth Gallagher | Alex (mom)
Julia Davidson | Sam
Brendan Dunlay | Gabriel
L. V. O’Connell | Director
Michael Brueggemeyer | Director of Photography
Anjalika Sharma | Assistant Director, Gaffer
Garrett Evan Hope | Original Score
Luke D’Agnese | Production Assistant
Vy Pham | Hair & Make-up

Carol & Tony D’Agnese, Toni Towe, M2 Digital Productions, 100 Acre Films, Elaine Dill, and Annette Cyr.

Leirigh Films