Leirigh Films Announces New Children’s Series

THURSDAY, 16JULY2020 – Leirigh Films LLC announced production of the San Diego Creature Project. Created by kids, for kids – the educational animated series written and created by a 6, 9, and 12 year-old focuses on the adventures of a group of children discovering the creatures they find in Southern California. 

San Diego Creature Project
San Diego Creature Project. Created by kids, for kids.

The episodes join three brothers, their cousin, and their dog Ryan as they discover creatures, solve mysteries with science, and learn about the creatures that live in Southwestern United States. In each adventure the children also define a keyword, and learn some Spanish and Hindi. 

It’s been amazing to see how the kids light up, talking about a creature that they’ve seen, researched, and learned about. I’m excited to bring awareness of the nature right outside our doors to the San Diego community.   – L. V. O’Connell, Director, San Diego Creature Project

The series will be directed by L. V. O’Connell whose past work includes multiple award-winning live action and animated narrative films (Satellite Drop, Treasure All, Mnemophrenia). She brings over 10 years of experience as a Visual Effect Artist and Graphic Designer to the role.

The production has support from local naturalist organisations and includes Pat L. O’Connell, Academic Language Therapist among it’s advisors. The series will be aimed at elementary school aged audience.

Leirigh Films LLC is a film, television, and video production company based in San Diego, California creating inspiring, meaningful, and educational content.


For more information please contact:
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