Leirigh Films Teams Up with Peyton Goddard

Treasure All
Treasure All

Leirigh Films LLC recently teamed up with Peyton Goddard to create an animated short film about autism titled Treasure All. The film centers around the isolation Peyton, who has autism, felt growing up.

“We used Peyton’s own poetic words to describe the heartbreak and isolation of an intelligent person trapped, and unable to communicate.  It’s a timely and timeless message of acceptance.” said director, L. V. O’Connell.

Peyton Goddard, a writer, presenter, and advocate for inclusion (for all regardless of ability).  Peyton has a form of autism that affects her ability to move and communicate, making it nearly impossible. At the age of six she was diagnosed as mentally retarded and separated from society. At age twenty-two she found a dependable mode of communication. She was at last recognized as an intelligent woman. She eventually shattered her previous prognosis when she graduated as the valedictorian of Cuyamaca College in 2002.

“Treasure all because great is each.” – Peyton Goddard

For more information on Peyton Goddard and her work advocating for inclusion go to www.peytongoddard.com.

For more information on the animated film Treasure All go to http://leirighfilms.com/titles/treasure-all


For more information please contact:
L. V.  O’Connell
info (at) leirighfilms.com

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